Established in 2013.

Fast & Easy Moves believe in the 10 movers driving values that this company operates under:

Commercial and Residential Moving company servicing the Greater Houston area with love, integrity and professionalism. Fast & Easy Moves continue to build a loyal customer base and not only relocate them but ensure that we treat them like family. Fast & Easy Moves contribute to making the world a better place, providing more jobs and participating in giving back to the community in numerous ways.

Why us?

Fast & Easy Moves Moving Company

Mission - Vision - Values

Mission Statement

We will distinguish ourselves as the quality provider of relocation services and will grow by consistently being our customers' mover of choice.


  • Be an employer of choice and recruit and retain the best people.
  • Consistently move household goods better than any other carrier.
  • Strategically align ourselves and partner with our best-fit customers.


  • We will listen to new ideas, innovations and reward productivity.
  • We will promote equal opportunity and support our employees through skill development and training.
  • We will provide a stable work environment.
  • We will act with integrity and honesty in every transaction.
  • We will make doing business with us simple.
  • We will be a good corporate citizen and enhance our community.
  • We will meet challenges and face problems head on.
  • We will set goals, work to achieve them, and capitalize on opportunity.